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Articles and stories showing Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth food supplement usage and results.

The Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth Formula is a supplement that works! Australian made and one of the most the most economical on the market.

When a horse owner faces dealing with a cracked hoof, they should never underestimate the potential seriousness of the problem.

Remember those well-used words of wisdom: “No hoof, no horse”.

It is essential that any cracking or splitting is arrested. If the problem advances too far up the hoof wall, or the cracks gets too deep, the chances of infection of the delicate underlying layers of living tissue are greatly increased.

Researchers have clearly shown that the right nutritional supplements will improve hoof condition.

Dealing with any cracked hoof is not going to be easy. It is important you put in place the right strategies to deal with the problem your particular horse presents.
Because the outer part of the hoof is dead tissue, you are never going to “heal” a crack or split.
Your strategies will need to centre on stopping the split or splits from getting worse, and ensuring the horse has a good diet, and the Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth Formula, to encourage good hoof growth.

Aussie Farrier Sponsored Riders

Lucy Dodd

   Lucy Dodd and MI Renaissance Hit (Remi) are a talented young Dressage combination.

Rachel Temm

   Rachael has been eventing for 7 years progressing through the grades from EvA80 (Introductory) to EvA 105 (Pre-Novice)
   on two wonderful horses Uncle Todd and Tamaru Dom Perignon.

Stephanie O'Connor

   Steph has been highly successful in showing her horses for the past 10 years, after being “bitten” by the showing bug
   with her first little galloway Shazza.


Captain's Story

   The story of Captain, and the amazing results using Aussie Farrier hoof growth food supplement.

Ingrid's Story

Amazing recovery after nasty accident.

Brittle Hooves? Cracked Walls?

The first step towards healthy hooves is good nutrition...

Matching Hooves?

Many horses do not have matching feet...

Ready for Summer?

Summer is almost here...

Yogi's Story

Aussie Farrier Hoof Supplement helps speed wound healing and recovery...

Mel's Story

Amazed by this product and still on the original bucket!!


'Moet' is 19 years young and keeping his feet in top condition is a priority.

Huck's Story

Deb and her lovely thoroughbred Huck have found success with The Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth Formula.


“This stuff is awesome. I used 3/4 buckets on my paint horse when I first got him 4 yrs ago. His feet were so thin and brittle. Farrier said he had crap hooves and you'll never get a shoe to stick. 4 years later, I don't need shoes at all, hes barefoot and loving it. Nice thick round feet. They still can chip away sometimes, but great otherwise. I love this product”
KCJ, Queensland

"Thank you to The Aussie Farrier Hoof Formula pellets which have been keeping our horses sound for 2 years with fantastic hooves"
Lucy Dodd, Sydney

I've been using Aussie Farrier's Hoof Growth Formula for a while now and it has been good value. Excellent levels of copper, zinc, methionine and biotin, plus half daily iodine requirements. Comes in a big bucket, lucerne-based pellets. I like the pellets because she eats them”

Her shoes have stayed on three weeks longer - so it must be working!”

“We have been using the product for ages and definitely want more!”
NB, Victoria

"We are convinced that the Aussie formula has made a huge difference. This is the best Captain's hooves have ever looked and the first time that he has had hooves with out any major splits or cracks."
Nadette, Western Australia

“I have had my girl on Aussie Farrier pellets and LOVE them. I have tried many products and this one has MADE THE DIFFERENCE. She now has stronger hooves - thoroughly worth the try”

“Thank you…... I love the product.“
LK, Queensland

“It works!!”

“I put the customer onto your product as we used it ourselves on a stock horse that had a hoof problem - it worked great.”