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How much should I use?

The recommended daily dose is one scoop (50g). If your horse has very poor quality hooves a double dose is recommended for the first month as an initial boost.

Where can I get it?

The Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth formula is available directly from us in both the 4kg pouch and the 7.5kg bucket delivered Australia-wide, or in the 4kg pouch and in the 2.5kg and 7.5kg buckets from many retailers.

How long does a bucket last?

A 7.5kg bucket will last 150 days (approximately 5 months) with the recommended 50g scoop per day. A 2.5kg bucket will last 50 days (approximately 7 weeks)  and a 4kg pouch 80 days (approximately 11 weeks).

Do I need to be feeding a hard feed to use the supplement?

No. The supplement is a pellet made with lucerne and can be added to your regular feed or given separately. Some customers feed it to their horses from their hand with no additional feed.

Can it help to prevent abscesses in my horse?

Yes. The nutrients in the Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth formula promote the growth of thick, strong soles and hoof walls. This reduces the possibility of bruising and bacterial invasion - both of which can lead to abscesses.

Is it safe to feed laminitic horses?

Yes. Not only is it safe, the Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth formula has all the nutrients in the correct ratios to strengthen connective tissue in the hoof capsule and therefore can assist with laminitis recovery.