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MEL's Story

Formulated by a vet, a farrier and a nutritionist, The Aussie Farrier Hoof supplement is a PELLETED supplement that is SO easy to feed and know it has been eaten - and it is Australian made and owned!

The Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth Pellets were formulated by a vet, a farrier and a nutritionist.

Mel's 7 year old thoroughbred has an old injury to the coronet band that has caused the wall to weaken. She introduced him to the Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth supplement and has been thrilled with the result.

The first picture is the split hoof prior to the addition of the Aussie Farrier Hoof Growth supplement to his diet. Mel used a double dose to kick start the growth and you can already see the difference in the second photo at 25 days.

The third photo is at 59 days (8 and a half weeks). Mel writes:
"59 days of treatment The farriers horizontal mark shows the growth. As of tomorrow will go on to maintenance amount of the pellets. Amazed by this product and still on the original bucket!!"

Thanks Mel for the photos and update!

Mel's story - photo 1

Mel's story - photo 2

Mel's story - photo 3

Mel's story - photo 4

Mel's story - photo 6

A different story 6 months later
"6 weeks between trims. An average of 8mm growth. Strong healthy hooves with fantastic width of the wall clearly visible from the white line."
These are the words of my farrier.